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Advance work in South Africa

Advance work in South Africa has taken us to some of the most luxurious places and to some of the worst places. We understand how important advance work is to a close protection detail, from route recce`s to finding the right contact person at a location. Advance work in South Africa can be challenging due the size of the country, when carrying out advance work in the rural areas it brings its own challenge as roads may not exist as you may think, they can be just a small dirt road in between shacks, you have to have local knowledge to understand how these dirt roads work, there can also be a language barrier in the rural areas, they may have never spoke to an English speaker before. We have carried out many advances in these areas.

So if you are looking for someone to carry out your advance work in South Africa for you then contact us to discuss you specific requirements, we will tailor you advance work to suit your needs. Or if you want to carry out your advance work you will need South African local knowledge, even if its just a local driver who has had experience doing advance work then we can help.

We will compose an advance report to answer any questions you may have and add any recommendations that would assist you and photos so to go with the advance report so you have some ideas of what you will experience when in country. South Africa is diverse and local knowledge can aid any close protection bodyguard detail when coming to South Africa and we have had the experience in assisting many teams when working in South Africa.


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