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C J Wadsworth + Associates
Close Protection And Bodyguarding Services

A true South African Bodyguard solution.

Those who make threats do not necessarily pose a risk.
Those that pose a risk do not necessarily make threats.

Providing Close Protection and Bodyguard services in South Africa is what we specialize in. All our protective personnel have had many years experience and have a proven track record of working in stressful situations and often in very volatile environments.

From the luxury environment of Sandton the richest square mile in Africa to the townships of Soweto and Alexandra, to the beauty that is Cape Town and the slums of the Cape Flats and Khyelitsha and surrounding areas, from Durban to the rural areas of Polokwane and many more, we have carried out successful Close Protection operations and continue to do so with pride and professionalism.

We believe in advance work for each Close Protection detail prior to any clients arrival or visit, this especially important in the rural and township areas, this is due to that even if we have been to these locations before, they can change very quickly and without notice, you need eyes on the ground to consistently assess the situation.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have regarding our South African Close Protection Bodyguard services, all questions and quotes are treated with the strictest confidence.


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